An involuted orbifold MSSM - High Energy Physics - TheoryReport as inadecuate

An involuted orbifold MSSM - High Energy Physics - Theory - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Abstract: A compactification of the E 8 x E 8 heterotic string on a Z 2 x Z 2 orbifoldequipped with an additional freely acting involution is presented. This modelreproduces the exact chiral MSSM spectrum with matter parity and a non-trivialYukawa structure. The key ingredient is a freely acting Wilson line associatedto the involution, breaking SU5 to SU3 x SU2 x U1 Y. This work is basedon a talk given at the -9th Hellenic School and Workshop on Elementary ParticlePhysics and Gravity- and reviews the results of a collaboration with M.Blaszczyk, S. Groot Nibbelink, M. Ratz, F. Ruehle and M. Trapletti.

Author: Patrick K. S. Vaudrevange


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