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Statistical mechanics of surfaces

Abstract: ´╗┐The equilibrium properties of a spherical drop areinvestigated using the penetrable-sphere model of a fluid.To estimate the surface tension, a new statistical mechanicalformula, the extension of the Triezenberg-Zwanzig result fora planar surface, is derived. The density profiles for use inthis are obtained from an integral equation expressing theconstancy of chemical potential through the interface. Numericalsolutions can be obtained and from these numerical estimatesfor the surface tension. They are in good agreement withestimates from an independent thermodynamic route. These routes,as well as a further, zero-temperature, exact, analytic one,show that the surface tension of this model increases withdecreasing drop size.The planar surface of the model is also brieflyinvestigated using a well-known integrodifferential equation.Two approximations are made for the direct correlation function,one a systematic improvement on the other. They yield solutionsfor the density profile of a limited range of temperatures belowthe critical point. When the direct correlation function of aLennard-Jones fluid is approximated the resulting equation forthe profile resists numerical solution.

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