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Abstract: Quantum theory is usually formulated in terms of abstract mathematicalpostulates, involving Hilbert spaces, state vectors, and unitary operators. Inthis work, we show that the full formalism of quantum theory can instead bederived from five simple physical requirements, based on elementary assumptionsabout preparation, transformations and measurements. This is more similar tothe usual formulation of special relativity, where two simple physicalrequirements - the principles of relativity and light speed invariance - areused to derive the mathematical structure of Minkowski space-time. Ourderivation provides insights into the physical origin of the structure ofquantum state spaces including a group-theoretic explanation of the Bloch balland its three-dimensionality, and it suggests several natural possibilities toconstruct consistent modifications of quantum theory.

Author: Lluis Masanes, Markus P. Mueller

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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