Patroonalopecia ten gevolge van cysteuze ovaria bij een bouvierReport as inadecuate

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(2010)VLAAMS DIERGENEESKUNDIG TIJDSCHRIFT.79(5).p.389-393 Mark abstract A 9-year-old spayed female Flemish cattle dog was presented with a history of vaginal discharge and a slowly progressive bilateral symmetrical alopecia on the neck, shoulders and flanks, ventral abdomen and the perinea! area. Clinical examination revealed pattern alopecia with the presence of macular melanosis on the ventral abdomen and in the perineal area The dog also had a swollen vulva and gynecomasty. Abdominal ultrasonography revealed the presence of two intact ovaria (with cystic follicles in the right ovarium) and a stump pyometra. Ovariectomy and stump removal were performed Histopathological examination demonstrated that one polycystic ovary was characterized by multiple follicular cysts. The collection of all data led to the diagnosis of hyperestrogenism caused by a cystic ovary. This case demonstrates that even with a misleading history (spayed bitch) a correct interpretation of skin lesions can lead to the diagnosis of hyperstrogenism due to ovarian cysts.

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Author: Sophie Vandenabeele , Bart Van Goethem and Hilde De Rooster



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