Sequence analysis with Stata Report as inadecuate

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We describe a general strategy to analyze sequence data and introduce SQ-Ados, a bundle of Stata programs implementing the proposed strategy. The programs include several tools for describing and visualizing sequences as well as a Mata library to perform optimal matching using the Needleman–Wunsch algorithm. With these programs Stata becomes the first statistical package to offer a complete set of tools for sequence analysis.

Keywords: sqclusterdat ; sqclustermat ; sqdes ; sqindexplot ; sqom ; sqparcoord ; sqset ; sqstatlist ; sqstatsum ; sqstattab1 ; sqstattab2 ; sqstattabsum ; sqtab ; sequence analysis ; optimal matching ; cluster analysis ; panel data ; longitudinal data ; explorative data analysis ; sequence index plot

Subject(s): Research Methods/ Statistical Methods

Issue Date: 2006

Publication Type: Journal Article

DOI and Other Identifiers: st0111 (Other)

PURL Identifier: Published in: Stata Journal, Volume 06, Number 4 Page range: 435-460

Total Pages: 26

Record appears in: Stata Journal

Author: Brzinsky-Fay, Christian ; Kohler, Ulrich ; Luniak, Magdalena



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