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Abstract: A spin dependent system treatment of gravity is adopted akin to theSen-Ashtekar treatment. Time is reinserted into the space ``fluid- at thequantum Level. This time - the Lorentzian one- is shown to be a vorticity of a``fluid particle- of the space and the effect is integrated over all the fluidparticles to incorporate time in quantum gravity. This spacetime is viewed as afluid of future light cones called the SU2 dipoles of causality here in thepaper.The future light cone structure is soldered internally to the newvariables derived in this paper to accomodate a background free physics ofquantum strings. The emergence of spacetime is shown to be a first order phasetransition and that of separation of gravity from the unified field to be asecond order phase transition. For the former case the cosmic time is chosen asthe order parameter and for the latter case the angular momentum is chosen asthe order parameter. A quantum blackhole thus nucleates at transitiontemperature which is the Planck temperature, $\tau {pl}$. Then the SU2dipoles enable interpretation of this black hole as a gravity gaugeSL2,$\mathbb{C}$ dual of the U1 gauge ferromagnetic phase. The usual QFTinterpretation of this effect is the existence of locally Lorentzianspacetimes.

Author: Koustubh Kabe


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