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Abstract: In a recent paper we have proposed a method to estimate the prompt productioncross section of X3872 at the Tevatron assuming that this particle is aloosely bound molecule of a D and a D*bar meson. Under this hypothesis we findthat it is impossible to explain the high prompt production cross section foundby CDF at sigmaX3872 \sim 30-70 nb as our theoretical prediction is about300 times smaller than the measured one. Following our work, Artoisenet andBraaten, have suggested that final state interactions in the DD*bar systemmight be so strong to push the result we obtained for the cross section up tothe experimental value. Relying on their conclusions we show that theproduction of another very narrow loosely bound molecule, the X s=D s D s*bar,could be similarly enhanced. X s should then be detectable at CDF with a massof 4080 MeV and a prompt production cross section of sigmaX s \sim 1-3 nb.

Author: C Bignamini, B Grinstein, F Piccinini, AD Polosa, V Riquer, C Sabelli


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