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Mariagiulia Matteucci ;Ensaio: Avaliação e Políticas Públicas em Educação 2013, 21 78

Author: Bernard P. Veldkamp



Ensaio: Avaliação e Políticas Públicas em Educação ISSN: 0104-4036 Fundação Cesgranrio Brasil Veldkamp, Bernard P.; Matteucci, Mariagiulia Bayesian Computerized Adaptive Testing Ensaio: Avaliação e Políticas Públicas em Educação, vol.
21, núm.
78, enero-marzo, 2013, pp.
57-81 Fundação Cesgranrio Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Available in: How to cite Complete issue More information about this article Journals homepage in Scientific Information System Network of Scientific Journals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal Non-profit academic project, developed under the open access initiative Bayesian Computerized Adaptive Testing Bernard P.
Veldkamp* Mariagiulia Matteucci** Abstract Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) comes with many advantages.
Unfortunately, it still is quite expensive to develop and maintain an operational CAT.
In this paper, various steps involved in developing an operational CAT are described and literature on these topics is reviewed.
Bayesian CAT is introduced as an alternative, and the use of empirical priors is proposed for estimating item and person parameters to reduce the costs of CAT.
Methods to elicit empirical priors are presented and a two small examples are presented that illustrate the advantages of Bayesian CAT. Implications of the use of empirical priors are discussed, limitations are mentioned and some suggestions for further research are formulated. Keywords: Bayesian IRT modeling.
Computerized Adaptive Testing.
Eliciting priors. Item Response Theory.
Item selection.
Parameter estimation. Teste Adaptativo Computadorizado Bayesiano Resumo O teste adaptativo Computadorizado (CAT) chega com muitas vantagens. Infelizmente, ainda é bastante caro para desenvolver e manter um CAT operacional. Neste artigo, descreve-se várias etapas envolvidas no desenvolvimento de um CAT operacional e faz-se uma revisão da liter...

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