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Abstract: Fermilab operates the world-s most intense antiproton source. Newly proposedexperiments can use those antiprotons either parasitically during TevatronCollider running or after the Tevatron Collider finishes in about 2011. Forexample, the annihilation of 8 GeV antiprotons might make the world-s mostintense source of tagged D^0 mesons, and thus the best near-term opportunity tostudy charm mixing and, via CP violation, to search for new physics. Otherpotential measurements include sensitive studies of hyperons and of themysterious X, Y, and Z states. Production of antihydrogen in flight can be usedfor first searches for antihydrogen CPT violation. With antiproton decelerationto low energy, an experiment using a Penning trap and an atom interferometercould make the world-s first measurement of the gravitational force onantimatter.

Author: Daniel M. Kaplan


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